Flexiwall is the wall system that you need, exactly at the moment when you need it.

The Wall system of Flexiwall

The wall system of Flexiwall is a durable and multidimensional wall system that can be used for numerous applications.

The wall systems of Flexiwall are completely modular. This means that you can easily shorten or lengthen the configuration at any time, simply by removing or by adding elements to the wall system. The panels are made of 30 mm thick ultra-lightweight paper composite boards, easy to (dis)assemble. All of this without any use of tools. The system is extremely strong and stable and objects can be hung on the wall for display purposes. Each wall can hold up to 25 kg.

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Free-standing partition walls

Quickly build and without any use of tools.

One of the possibilities of the Flexiwall wall system is the free-standing partition wall. With the free-standing partition walls you can easily divide an existing area into several parts. You can create functional and orderly workspaces. The detached office partition walls are simply to build without any tools and can be moved easily.

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Exhibition walls

Easy and affordable custom made exhibition space.

With the lightweight cardboard walls of Flexiwall, you can easily turn a space into a gallery. The exhibition walls are ideal for (temporary) exhibitions, art exhibitions or fairs. With the wall elements you can create walkways, emphasize sightlines and you can give your exhibition area a unique design.

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Stand construction and exhibition walls

With the exhibition walls you can build fast and in an easy way a beautiful stand at fairs.

An exhibition stand built of Flexiwall walls is fast to set up and is very flexible to divide. You can link the different components together to create an ideal stand. The panels and uprights can be delivered any RAL colour of your choice. The panels can be printed in full colour and personalized with your own corporate identity. So you are assured of a stand that stands out. For more information about stand construction of Flexiwall, please view our special Expo Brochure on this website.

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Presentation walls

Simple in design, professional in appearance.

With the Flexiwall presentation walls you can present your company in a professional, sustainable and affordable way at fairs and conferences. Your information will stand out by the use of high quality full colour printing.

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Temporary shop interior

From wardrobes to dressing room

A store interior does not need to be expensive. With the Flexiwall cardboard system you can build a (temporary) store interior fast without using any tools. With Flexiwall, you can easily build wardrobes and dressing rooms. The flexible system of Flexiwall also allows you to make changes to the layout if and when required. This because of the lightweight panels and the easy linking options of our system. You remain flexible and you can quickly respond to market changes. For more information about store interior, please view our retail brochure on this website.