The store interior of Flexiwall

At Flexiwall we believe that a store interior does not have to be expensive. This is mainly if the space will be used just for a short time or to present special promotional stuff and special offers, where the set up and change to follow the current needs should be done fast and easy.

With the unique cardboard system of Flexiwall you can transform quickly and easily a complete store interior into a temporary store interior. These temporary stores or so- called pop- up stores can completely decorated with the Flexiwall system.

From clothing displays and tables to complete fitting rooms and counters. Also, the Flexiwall wall system allows you to make partition walls in a large space to create separate stores. A temporary store interior for a good price, which you can easily build, breaks down and reused!

The flexible Flexiwall system consists of card-board tubes, paper composite cardboards panels and coupling blocks made of lightweight and very environmentally friendly material. With the countless coupling possibilities you can stay flexible and you can respond fast to the market changes.

 Custom made

To give your store the appearance that fits your business and your CI, you can design the Flexiwall system to your own wishes. You can let the panels and tubes coated in a color or furnish with a full color sticker foil with printed matter of choice. We also offer a static foil which easily can be moved without damaging the panels.

We also offer various suspension systems for our walls for e.g. picture, frames, garderobe hooks, lamps and spots or LED displays and video screens.

Durable store interior

All used materials of Flexiwall are FSC certified and 100% recyclable.

It is not only good for the appearance of your store but especially good for the environment.
The most part of the Flexiwall products can be thrown in the old paper container and can be reused for the production of durable paper and cardboard. Because, of the high quality of the partition walls, you can easily use them multiple times.

Besides, the biggest part of the Flexiwall material consists of recycled material.


Do you want to know more about the possibilities of Flexiwall system for your (temporary) store?
Please take a look in the retail brochure on this website or contact one of our experts. Our experts are happy to advice you and they can always make an appropriate offer including a 3D visualisation.