Partition wall for offices

At Flexiwall we have modular partition walls for each office. The office partition walls are easy to (dis)assemble and can be expanded to any desired size.

It is not always easy to create functional and fun workplaces in a large open space. Flexible office walls divide your workplaces in a practical and beautiful way without being stuck on these workplaces. Like your company is Fexiwall also very flexible, the office walls grow with your company.

Creating an additional temporary workplace for a trainee is not a problem at all with the cardboard office walls of Flexiwall. You can easily build it yourself, even without tools.

Flexible office walls

The Flexible system consists of 30 mm thick paper composite cardboard, cardboard tubes and uprights. These components are in all different sizes so you can always create a suitable, flexible partition wall for your office. The system is completely modular. This means that you can easily shorten or lengthen the configuration at any time, simply by removing or by adding elements to the wall system. The elements of the office partition walls are ultra-light weight and is safe and fine to (dis)assemble by everyone. This allows you to create easily a flexible partition wall in no time.

These office partition walls can be used as semi- permanent partition walls between offices or they can be used as a temporarily flexible partition wall.

Functional office walls

To give the office partition walls the same appearance as the rest of your business, you can choose to print the walls in any desired color or include interchangeable printing in your corporate style.

You can also add an additional function to the partition walls in your office by providing them with magnetic foil or by making a whiteboard of it.

An office partition wall not only makes it possible for a clear office, the office walls have also another function.

By using the Flexiwall walls as a partition wall between offices, Make sure the ambient noise is reduced to a minimum so that everyone can work together.


We have set the advantages of choosing cardboard office partition walls of Flexiwall for you on a row:

  • Super strong paper composite cardboard panels
  • Patented “click” system for fast (dis)assemble
  • Ultra-light weighted
  • Full color to be printed
  • You can choose your top layer from among others: (magnetic) whiteboard, static foil, sound reducing finish
  • Eco- friendly and 100% recyclable

If you also want to make use of the benefits of mobile partition walls for office use or when you are curious about the possibilities, please contact us for further information. Our experts will be happy to provide you.