The ultra lightweight standalone wall has “endless” possibilities.

Detached partition wall.

The “Standalone” is a free-standing partition wall that can be placed in a room or space. The lighweight free-standing partition wall of Flexiwall is fast and easy to (dis)assemble. That is all because of the patented Flexiwall system.

You can link multiple free-standing walls and build your own flexible wall arrangement.

Free-standing Flexiwall
150cm x 60cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
200cm x 60cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
250cm x 60cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
150cm x 120cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
200cm x 120cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
250cm x 120cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
104.5cm x 150cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
104.5cm x 200cm

Free-standing Flexiwall
104.5cm x 250cm

The Flexiwall system

The Flexiwall system includes cardboard tubes, super strong paper composite board panels and couple blocks and is completely modular. You can easily shorten or lengthen the configuration at any time, simply by removing or by adding elements to the wall system.

The panels are made of 30 mm thick super strong lightweight paper composite board and are easy to (dis)assemble without the need of any tools.

The Flexiwall system is not only beautiful and affordable, it is also easy to re-use, it is 100% recyclable and made of recycled materials. That makes all the products of Flexiwall very eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Applications free-standing partition wall

The standalone is very suitable to be used as a partition wall between two areas but also as an exhibition wall or presentation wall in an office. Our wall system is frequently used in schools as a mood board of a (magnetic) whiteboard. The walls can also be used as part of an exhibition stand.

All walls can be printed in full colour and painted in the RAL colour of your choice. It is also possible to finish the Flexiwall with magnetic whiteboard, or with a removable static foil with printing of choice.

If the panels are printed in your own house style, you can use them over and over again for different purposes. A Flexiwall Standalone is also an excellent eye-catcher at the reception entrance.


If you would like more information regarding Flexiwall’s numerous applications or if you like to receive a non-obligatory quote please feel free to contact us.