Exposition wall of Flexiwall

The lightweight walls of Flexiwall are extremely suitable for exposition walls. With the paper composite cardboard walls, you can easily and completely customize an exposition space to your own wishes. Because, the system is so simple to (dis)assemble without the use of tools, is Flexiwall particularly suitable for temporary expositions or art expositions. You can move the panels safely and effortlessly.

You can choose for a single detached element, the so- called standalone, a free- standing switched exposition wall, a Flexiwall set, (for making corner arrangements with) or a Flexiwall special like a movable wall. The system is easy to reuse, it is mobile and easy to (dis)assemble.

Applications exposition wall

The exposition walls of Flexiwall are not only beautiful and practical, they are also ultra-strong. You can easily hang objects to the exposition wall up to 25 kg.

The exposition walls can be printed in any available color or in your own corporate identity. It is also possible to work off the exposition walls with a special static foil.

This way you can choose the wall that suits your purposes so your exposition will be the most beautiful of them all.

The walls are used in schools, exhibitions, museums, galleries and at major events. A few examples of institutions that already have chosen for our Flexiwall are Saatchi Gallery in London, Ars Aemula Naturae Museum in Leiden, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Provincial House in Maastricht and events like the tennis tournament de WindMill Cup and the Floriade in Venlo.

Voordelen expositiewanden Flexiwall

  • Ultra- strong paper composite cardboards panels
  • Patented ‘click’ system for fast (dis)assemble
  • Ultra- light weight in weight
  • Full color to be printed
  • Choose your top layer according to your own wishes: (magnetic) whiteboard, static foil, sound reducing finish
  • Durable, 100% recyclable


We like to provide customized service. If you are curious to the possibilities of Flexiwall for your gallery, museum or events you can always contact one of our experts. They will be happy to provide you with a honest advice and a suitable offer.