The Flexiwall partition wall system

The Partition Wall System of Flexiwall is a unique patented system which consists of card-board tubes, super strong paper composite panels and coupling blocks.

This unique partition wall system makes it possible to build easily a partition wall in a shop, an exhibition booth, an exhibition area or in an office. The Flexiwall system is fully modular. This means that the wall can be build up to any desired size. This without any use of tools.


The Flexiwall system can be used for a variety of situations. Such as

  • At fairs.
    With the Flexiwall system you can build your own stand. The panels can be provided with suitable printing. For example your own logo.
  • In museums and galleries.
    With the Flexiwall system you can present art for exhibiting. The lightweight materials are super strong and can hold objects up to 25 kg with ease.
  • At schools.
    The Flexiwall system can be used as a presentation wall, mood board or as a (magnetic) whiteboard. The cardboard elements can be supplied in any RAL colour and can be provided with interchangeable printing on static foil.
  • In shops as a part of the shop layout or window display.
    With the Flexiwall system you can create your own shop interior including a counter and dressing rooms. With Flexiwall everything is possible.
  • In offices.
    With the Flexiwall system you can create multiple areas within one room. The walls also absorb sound.

Take a look at our system.

  • Fast and easy to (dis)assemble
  • Completely stable
  • Ultra- lightweight
  • No tools required
  • Full branding potential in full colour
  • 100% recyclable

Are you interested in building an unconventional project made from cardboard?  Please feel free to contact us. Flexiwall is proud to be called “THE specialist” in building with cardboard.

Sustainable partition walls

At Flexiwall we believe in durability. That is why we have created the most eco-friendly partition wall. We believe in smart recycling of precious materials to save the environment because our raw materials can run out. All materials used by Flexiwall are FSC certified and 100% recyclable. In case a Flexiwall is no longer required, most parts of the Flexiwall products can be put into a recycling bin and will be re-used for the production of durable paper and cardboard. From that moment: the circle is almost complete.

The next important step in durability is the C2C certificate. Considering the current composition of the products, Cradle to Cradle is a small step towards a great future. Recycling is very important. Most important however is the origin of the raw materials needed for production.

We offer a unique product and want to be a progressive player within the CRS area.

The materials of Flexiwall are almost entirely made of recyclable paper and cardboar. The panels are produced in a ISO 9001:2008 certified location. FSC certified wood is used for the construction in the uprights. The final product, “the Flexiwall partition walls”, are 100% recyclable. Furthermore,  the partition walls are re-usable because of their high quality. If you are looking for a suitable eco-friendly partition wall for your store, fair or exhibition space, please contact our customer service team for a quotation.